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news that is not just yelling!

Hey, guys.  Thanks for your patience up till this point.  I know it's hard when something you love is having issues and you can't do much about it.

GRAS is going to be fine.  The reason that I've been so vague up until this point is because I had something I was working on with the Gaming Guild (RPG, tabletop and board game enthusiasts) and I didn't want to mention it until I was sure what I wanted was possible.

I will have the date for our first meeting by tomorrow, as soon as I work it out with the Gaming Guild coordinator.  Meanwhile, I need one very important thing before we can continue - two more registered Evergreen students to coordinate with Shen and myself.

This will not necessarily be a permanent position - in fact, it most likely won't extend beyond fall quarter, unless you want it to.  I don't have a limit on coordinators, so you are welcome to stick around with us.  But I do need two people at least for fall by the end of this week.

If you're at all interested, please email me at gras.tesc@gmail.com.

As soon as we are a registered student group, we are going to be merging with the Gaming Guild, which will make us a funded club with no problems in terms of meeting space, advertising, and so on.  I'll explain more later at the first meeting.

Thanks, guys!

- Moni

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