D.Sassy (downtown_sassy) wrote in gras_xd,

Tom Will Always Be In My Top 8....

 Funny, cause being at work actually reminded me of this...

So, just about last week or so, Cartoon Network finalled ended its run of Toonami. Toonami has been on for years, and for us older anime fans the start of our obsession. Honestly, I stopped watching Toonami when they took off everything good, and had that Mi-Me-whatever guzi running. I still don't get what Code Lyoko was all about. Still, how did Toonami change your fandom? Were you like me and rushed home everyday to catch the latest episode of the horrible, horrible Sailor Moon dub? Did you watch Outlaw Star just for the endings (Well, no, the show was pretty hardcore too)? Did you actually wake up to WATCH the Rising Sun? Buy the OST to the AMV's with the original mixes (Broken Dreams was my favorite)?

I can't say I miss it being gone, rather than I miss what Toonami used to be. Why did they kill off Tom in the first place? Red ooze? Seriously now. Give him death by Gundam or something

Edit: Nothing to do with anything, but it sounds like the third Bleach movie is going to be a re-make of the Soul Society arc. Whatever it is, it'll be better than the first one. Second one was good, and this is coming from a non-Hitsugaya fangirl.
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