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One Of These Things is Not Like The Other

Hello. I am posting in my groggy state in honor of International Lolita Day. Now, surely I am not the only one who has an interest in the style, but I doubt anyone is crazy enough to post about this really important Public Service Announcement that really is for the lolz and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Lolita is not cosplay
Cosplaying a character that is called "Lolita" is not always in the Lolita style

While both are ornate styles that are fun to wear, it's bad to get the two confused. Cosplay, as the word implies, has an element of costume...and play. Lolita is not intended to be a costume, for the material is made of higher quality for continual and almost everyday use. Also, the aesthetics of the lolita style is to be practical, flattering, and elegant.

and another thing...

Anime and Manga have very little to do with wearing Lolita

Just like you'll see anime and manga that has people in modern-day chlothes, you'll sometimes see characters dressed in Lolita( or their more off-kilter version of it...I'm thinking Chii from Chobits). That, by no means, makes one have to 1) like anime and manga to truly be into lolita or 2)make the "lolita" outfits of characters in anime and manga a litmus test for what's acceptable in Lolita. They are dressing in an alternative fashion.It is not the other way around, where Lolitas are trying to dress like a character.

Now you may be wondering " Liz, if they want to seperate themselves so much from cosplaying and anime, why are they always going to anime conventions?"
it's very simple: There are more anime and manga conventions then there are lolita conventions (which, to my knowledge, is 0). Also, some lolitas just like anime and manga. Just not all of them, and those that aren't into anime and manga especially appreciate the seperation between Gothic Lolita Bible and Animerica (is that still being published? I forgot, and lost interest along the way). The lines are blurred, but if we all focus our eyes for a bit, there is definitely a line.

To sum up my argument:
These lovely girls are dressing in the Lolita fashion.
she is not.This lovely girl is cosplaying a character from Rozen Maiden.
these lovely girls are...not sure weather lolita is cosplay or not.
these are all different pictures. Believe it!
if you want further information, you can visit the community egl  and search for their more educated views of cosplaying. No need to even ask.

Thank you for your time, and happy International Lolita Day

disclaimer: if anyone is offended by this post, I'm sorry...but it had to be put out there. I at least had the decency to put my rant under a cut, right? If the moderators want it deleted, I'll gladly do it.If you are/ know the people in these photos, and want their pictures taken off, I'll gladly delete them. I bruise easily.
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