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Giant Robot Appreciation Society

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Heehee! Some more reasons to hate them... [25 Oct 2008|07:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I know... making fun of YuGiOh! Lucky Star at the same TIME! o_0

OMP&LS! Yami'ness!

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Safety - Times [21 Oct 2008|10:47pm]

Not like anyone else is concerned with it, but I am cause I live in the PNW and know how dark/cold it gets and am (way more) paranoid about walking from the CAB back to the dorms...

So is there anyone else perhaps willing to go around for the anime club at it's times? I mean it's already getting dark at 4:30, and by 5pm it's pretty dark. Aside from being sick, the darkness and having no one to go with me, is my main reason for not going to any meetings yet.
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Whats being shown? [15 Oct 2008|03:59pm]

I was pretty busy last week on Wednsday, and I wasn't able to go. Whats being shown?
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Meeting Date Scheduled! [04 Oct 2008|01:45pm]

Hey, guys!  I know there's been yammerings about another anime club on campus and all that jazz, and I have official news for you:

The person who was going to start up a separate anime club is actually going to come and merge with us at GRAS to form a totally new, independent anime club called the Evergreen Anime Club.  I'm going to be training him in this year and teaching him how we run our showings and ChibiChibi and all that jazz.  So yes, in effect, the EAC is GRAS.  He's not trying to do anything to spite us or anything like that, he just wasn't sure whether there was going to be a club or not, which is entirely my fault and not his.  I contacted him, and we've worked things out really well.

Please come to the first meeting if you can and bring with you a whole bunch of enthusiasm and support.  If we get enough interest, we probably won't have to merge at all with the Gaming Guild, making things a lot easier when it comes to be convention time.

The meeting is Wednesday, October 8th at 6pm in the TV Lounge.  We'll be talking business for a while, but we're also hopefully going to get to some anime before we're through. 

Let me know if you have any questions.  Should be a really fun year!

- Moni

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Another Anime Club? [02 Oct 2008|01:54pm]

Out of curiousity, I was wondering... Are there two anime clubs on campus?

One of the windows of J Dorm has a sign saying "Anime Club" (email: EvergreenAnimeClub@gmail.com). It says they'll be meeting Wed Oct 8 at the CAB building on the 3rd Floor in the TV lounge x.x Spaced on the time, sorry...

But this made me wonder if perhaps this is the "time" for the anime club, or if someone is making a SECOND anime club??

._. And I figured, someone should email them and see about it...

EDIT Got the time. From 6-9pm.

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Screw You Fox! Whats next? Haruhi: Fast And The Furious? [02 Oct 2008|12:54am]

 Uhh, its kinda like a car accident. They suck, but you can never look away. Theres no sound for the video, but keep watching, and you'll see the DBZ movie to come out next year is going to suck. A higher res trailer should be out later this month. 

Still gonna see it though.

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news that is not just yelling! [30 Sep 2008|03:03pm]

Hey, guys.  Thanks for your patience up till this point.  I know it's hard when something you love is having issues and you can't do much about it.

GRAS is going to be fine.  The reason that I've been so vague up until this point is because I had something I was working on with the Gaming Guild (RPG, tabletop and board game enthusiasts) and I didn't want to mention it until I was sure what I wanted was possible.

I will have the date for our first meeting by tomorrow, as soon as I work it out with the Gaming Guild coordinator.  Meanwhile, I need one very important thing before we can continue - two more registered Evergreen students to coordinate with Shen and myself.

This will not necessarily be a permanent position - in fact, it most likely won't extend beyond fall quarter, unless you want it to.  I don't have a limit on coordinators, so you are welcome to stick around with us.  But I do need two people at least for fall by the end of this week.

If you're at all interested, please email me at gras.tesc@gmail.com.

As soon as we are a registered student group, we are going to be merging with the Gaming Guild, which will make us a funded club with no problems in terms of meeting space, advertising, and so on.  I'll explain more later at the first meeting.

Thanks, guys!

- Moni

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Tom Will Always Be In My Top 8.... [28 Sep 2008|05:26pm]

 Funny, cause being at work actually reminded me of this...

So, just about last week or so, Cartoon Network finalled ended its run of Toonami. Toonami has been on for years, and for us older anime fans the start of our obsession. Honestly, I stopped watching Toonami when they took off everything good, and had that Mi-Me-whatever guzi running. I still don't get what Code Lyoko was all about. Still, how did Toonami change your fandom? Were you like me and rushed home everyday to catch the latest episode of the horrible, horrible Sailor Moon dub? Did you watch Outlaw Star just for the endings (Well, no, the show was pretty hardcore too)? Did you actually wake up to WATCH the Rising Sun? Buy the OST to the AMV's with the original mixes (Broken Dreams was my favorite)?

I can't say I miss it being gone, rather than I miss what Toonami used to be. Why did they kill off Tom in the first place? Red ooze? Seriously now. Give him death by Gundam or something

Edit: Nothing to do with anything, but it sounds like the third Bleach movie is going to be a re-make of the Soul Society arc. Whatever it is, it'll be better than the first one. Second one was good, and this is coming from a non-Hitsugaya fangirl.
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[26 Sep 2008|09:25pm]

Post Number THREE Regarding Meeting Times:

I will post the time of the first meeting when I have it set up. I have to get approval from Student Activities as well as plan things out with one of our other clubs before I can set a time. I have mentioned this several times now.

Also, why is it that everyone is attempting to attend meetings this week when the Fall Quarter does not even start until Monday the 29th? We are a college club, and we meet during college quarters ONLY. Not only that, I am not allowed to advertise ANY kind of meeting or event without prior consent from Student Activities.

Please, please, PLEASE listen to me. I obviously will not schedule our meeting and not post the date and time here! Things have not been worked out in regards to our budget and things like that yet, and I cannot schedule anything until they are. I will try my best to schedule a meeting for next week, but if needs be, we will postpone it one week. We have all quarter to get things settled, guys.

Having the club be a successful working unit is more important than throwing some anime on the TV. Please understand this.

You will all know when our meeting time is as soon as we have one.

- Moni
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[16 Sep 2008|12:29am]

A few notes for clarification:

Since the last entry I posted, I've gotten a lot of people concerned about our showings and our budget. I will repeat this again: Our not having a budget does not mean that we will never have a budget or that we are going to lose the club. Many clubs at Evergreen are not funded and still function, incidentally. If there is significant interest in the club and keeping it going, I will apply for a budget as soon as the S&A Board reconvenes, most likely in October.

We do not pay for our meeting space.

The not having a budget is not the issue. The issue is involvement. The issue is interest. I appreciate that many of you are going to be overwhelmed with class and work, but I beg you to remember - so will I. So will Shen. The more people that get involved, the easier it will be to spread the time around, and the less everyone will have to do.

There will be big news at the first meeting. All I ask is that if you're still confused, you come to that first meeting. I'll post the time and place as soon as I have it. And if you can't make it, you can comment on that future entry, just so I know you're interested in the club, and I'll give you all details about what gets discussed as well.

Thanks, guys.

- Moni
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[20 Aug 2008|09:07pm]

Hi, guys.

Because of the massive lack of interest and volunteering last year in regards to GRAS, I did not apply for a budget for the 2008-2009 school year.  It is extremely difficult to run a club when everyone is willing to reap the benefits, but no one wants to donate any time or energy to the cause.  I've been coordinating for two and a half years now, and I can promise you, it's an extremely thankless job.

We can have a club next year, we can have showings next year, and we can have ChibiChibiCon next year.  All these things are very, very possible.  However, those of us who have been doing all of the work for the past several years will not be sharing all the responsibilities on our own. 

To sum up - would you like a club?  Then YOU get to do something about it!  Let us know that you want to volunteer.  If no one wants to help arrange ChibiChibi, then there will absolutely not be another con, because I simply do not have it in me to run another one singlehandedly.  Showings are not something we simply chuck together in five minutes, either. 

I suggest you all consider what I've said very carefully before you leave a comment that contains even the slightest bit of whining or complaining.  Again... the way to get GRAS running again?  A good attitude and the willingness to volunteer, be a coordinator, give us a small amount of your time, and do what you can. 

You have all emotionally drained me to nearly the point of exhaustion.  I have run two ChibiChibiCons, and I have had two significant nervous breakdowns in the past two years.  Believe me, they are connected.  I want very much to have GRAS be a fantastic club again, but I cannot do it without you.

There will be a meeting most likely in the first week of classes to discuss all of this.  I will post as soon as I arrange a time.
  Just because we are not a funded club does not mean that we no longer exist or cannot have meetings.  However, if I do not have enough interest at that first meeting, either in person or through e-mail if you aren't able to make the posted time, I will not continue to coordinate, and GRAS will be left to the whims of whomever comes along.

Again, I speak for myself and Shen.  A club requires four coordinators to be funded, keep in mind.  One person will not be able to run everything.  So a very big response will be necessary.

Thanks, guys.

- Moni
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Slayers Revolution [12 Jul 2008|03:18am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Yeah. Its everything that that Slayers, Next and Try were, except fancy new animation. Even the OP sounds the same. I'm so glad they got Megumi to voice Lina, and kept the same humor and feel to the old series. I was scared actually. Now, all we need to do is not allow there to be a dub. I don't care what anybody says; the Slayers dub sucked.

I ♥ It so.

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School's out for anime! [14 Jun 2008|03:11am]

Now that summer is here, those long awaited marathons of anime can commence. Were there any series that you couldn't focus on because of school, that you will now take the summer to finish?

I bought all three seasons of Slayers, and I want to re-watch them. Its been years since I've finished the series, and I think its definitely worth watching again.

I plan to start reading the Naruto manga. Generally, the fanbase of a manga/anime greatly affects my willingness to read/watch it. I think its time I give it a chance. Plus, I've been running out of manga to make icons out of, and I can only do so many Bleach and Strawberry Shake ones.
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[11 Jun 2008|04:26pm]

[ mood | blah ]

The pale lonely moon,
shines, illumines, reflects,
an artist in despair,
hiding forever,
with a painted smile,
his pain, his loss,
of dreams feared to be recalled,

grave, stone-faced, blank,
his face seems to remain,
has no emotions he claims,
yet underneath deeply buried,
longing, reaching, stretching
for the unseen desires,

acceptance, friendship, love,

is missing, is searching,
keeps failing, yet still trying,
with a destiny that is uncertain,
this is the sound of Sai.

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One Of These Things is Not Like The Other [06 Jun 2008|11:48pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello. I am posting in my groggy state in honor of International Lolita Day. Now, surely I am not the only one who has an interest in the style, but I doubt anyone is crazy enough to post about this really important Public Service Announcement that really is for the lolz and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Thank you for your time, and happy International Lolita Day

disclaimer: if anyone is offended by this post, I'm sorry...but it had to be put out there. I at least had the decency to put my rant under a cut, right? If the moderators want it deleted, I'll gladly do it.If you are/ know the people in these photos, and want their pictures taken off, I'll gladly delete them. I bruise easily.
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Straight From a Shy Girl's Heart [04 Jun 2008|03:35pm]

[ mood | touched ]

Stupid... yes... it's dumb... but I had to write it!:

A boy.
Blonde hair like the warm summer sun.
Vibrant, Full of Life are the blue eyes that he looks around with.
During the day they seem to be tropical pools, inviting me to sink into their depths.
In the evening they are like twin stars sparkling with delight.
Giving light and hope in my times of darkness.
Six scars, like whiskers, three on each cheek, accent the mischief of his face.
He stands tall, strong like a pillar of strength.
Like an idol that should be worshiped with honor and respect.
Yet I see the looks the others give.
So full of hate.
I do not understand.
Yes, he makes mistakes.
So what?
He is strong because he gets back up.
He never gives up.
He gives his all.
He tries to make the looks of disgust go away by sheer force.
I want to reach out, to show him that he is not alone in his pain.
But I can not.
I do not know why.
But I fear to.
Afraid to fly too close to the sun that warms my heart and gives me strength.
Afraid to be lost in depths of darkness between his eyes.
I feel dizzy as he gets close to me.
Why so close?
It is so close that I can smell the ramen on his breath.
He always smells like ramen, but it just makes me hunger for him more, to be near him, to see him smile.
To give me strength.
For I am so weak, so selfish to think this way.
But when he smiles at me I forget how weak I am.
His arms, such strong arms, plant themselves behind the golden rays of his blonde head.
The grin spreads wide, making my heart beat faster.
I look away.
I fear to look.
To me it would be forbidden to look at one such as he directly.
Father said we must humble ourselves in front of our betters.
But I am all too glad to do so for Naruto-kun.
He calls me weird when I blush and look away.
I’m afraid that he might not like me.
But somehow I do not mind it.
Being called weird.
I want to be his weird girl.
He is my fishcake...
My Naruto-kun and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

- Hinata Hyuga

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Hooray for stupid PW doodles [22 May 2008|01:28pm]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Edgeworth: Objection, your honor. The defense has pineapple for brains.
Judge: Edgeworth, would you refrain from insults during... oh, I see your point. GUILTY!


Phoenix: Maya, what are we going to do?
Maya: ...I know! Plastic surgery!
Phoenix: How does that even work?!


Say, does anyone do Oekaki? And does it steal your soul unless you have a Wacom tablet?
I bet it does. You know these online websites, always, er, stealing souls and feeding vampires.
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OH yeah! More Awesome! [15 May 2008|01:31am]

[ mood | amused ]

I ran across a new friend, who happens to be a local, and she told me of this!

I laughed within the first three or so minutes!

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club meet [14 May 2008|01:48am]

whats up. This is Shen, warning you all in advance. Both Moni and Aleph can't make it to tomorrow's meeting and I have SO MUCH homework that I was thinking of skipping anyhow, so with no coordinators, I'm afraid tomorrow's meeting is canceled. Sorry.
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Slayers Specials Marathon [02 May 2008|03:20pm]

To celebrate the eventual arrival of the new Slayers saga, I think we need to have a Slayers party. Sure, Gourry is great; but what about Naga? She made a small cameo in the actual series, but surely she does not get enough love. Her laugh sparks fear in even the most stoic of men, and there needs to be a celebration to...celebrate that. Would anybody be up for such a thing next week? Even if it wasn't at the alloted anime club time?

Also, off topic, but I need to get back into the icon making biz. I went a little nuts for a while, but then stopped once MediaWorks started riding my ass. Any requests for all the LJ lovers out there? I color manga wut?
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