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Meeting Date Scheduled!

Hey, guys!  I know there's been yammerings about another anime club on campus and all that jazz, and I have official news for you:

The person who was going to start up a separate anime club is actually going to come and merge with us at GRAS to form a totally new, independent anime club called the Evergreen Anime Club.  I'm going to be training him in this year and teaching him how we run our showings and ChibiChibi and all that jazz.  So yes, in effect, the EAC is GRAS.  He's not trying to do anything to spite us or anything like that, he just wasn't sure whether there was going to be a club or not, which is entirely my fault and not his.  I contacted him, and we've worked things out really well.

Please come to the first meeting if you can and bring with you a whole bunch of enthusiasm and support.  If we get enough interest, we probably won't have to merge at all with the Gaming Guild, making things a lot easier when it comes to be convention time.

The meeting is Wednesday, October 8th at 6pm in the TV Lounge.  We'll be talking business for a while, but we're also hopefully going to get to some anime before we're through. 

Let me know if you have any questions.  Should be a really fun year!

- Moni

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