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Straight From a Shy Girl's Heart

Stupid... yes... it's dumb... but I had to write it!:

A boy.
Blonde hair like the warm summer sun.
Vibrant, Full of Life are the blue eyes that he looks around with.
During the day they seem to be tropical pools, inviting me to sink into their depths.
In the evening they are like twin stars sparkling with delight.
Giving light and hope in my times of darkness.
Six scars, like whiskers, three on each cheek, accent the mischief of his face.
He stands tall, strong like a pillar of strength.
Like an idol that should be worshiped with honor and respect.
Yet I see the looks the others give.
So full of hate.
I do not understand.
Yes, he makes mistakes.
So what?
He is strong because he gets back up.
He never gives up.
He gives his all.
He tries to make the looks of disgust go away by sheer force.
I want to reach out, to show him that he is not alone in his pain.
But I can not.
I do not know why.
But I fear to.
Afraid to fly too close to the sun that warms my heart and gives me strength.
Afraid to be lost in depths of darkness between his eyes.
I feel dizzy as he gets close to me.
Why so close?
It is so close that I can smell the ramen on his breath.
He always smells like ramen, but it just makes me hunger for him more, to be near him, to see him smile.
To give me strength.
For I am so weak, so selfish to think this way.
But when he smiles at me I forget how weak I am.
His arms, such strong arms, plant themselves behind the golden rays of his blonde head.
The grin spreads wide, making my heart beat faster.
I look away.
I fear to look.
To me it would be forbidden to look at one such as he directly.
Father said we must humble ourselves in front of our betters.
But I am all too glad to do so for Naruto-kun.
He calls me weird when I blush and look away.
I’m afraid that he might not like me.
But somehow I do not mind it.
Being called weird.
I want to be his weird girl.
He is my fishcake...
My Naruto-kun and I wouldn't trade him for anything!

- Hinata Hyuga
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